Friday, October 16, 2009

Hearts everywhere...

Ashana's Heartspace

Messy hands for everyone on Tuesday! What fun.... paint was being splattered all over the place

Kaye really got into throwing paint around...and it totally agreed with her creation.

Kayes Heartburst

We used paint straight from the tubes, tea and dipped our hands into oozy, flowing paint....deliscious

Linda enjoyed playing with bright contrasting colours. Allowing the painting to do its own thing and knowing when to stop can be the most challenging part of painting this way.

Heart time

My demo painting was on a canvas that needed a make over so I left parts of it to peep through.

Nothing better than hands covered in paint....


Jacky said...

Lovely to create with such abandon...these pieces are gorgeous, what a great workshop!

Sending a *hearty* hug to you.

Jacky xox

Queen Of Toys said...

What fun, to create without a care and do what your heart wants. I am interested in seeing the finshed creaton.