Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lighten Up

this has been my motto for the last few days. my mantra.

sometime life gives us lessons, experiences to see parts of ourselves that we can't see. sometimes we get a shock, a wake up call to make changes. little ones, big ones, what ever it takes. i feel i am on the outer edge of this ripple now and gaining balance. centering. myself lots of time to journal, nurture myself in what ever way i feel inspired by. feeling warm and comfortable.wearing tracky pants and my favourite slippers. laughing at silly things. laying on the grass with my favourite pooch. eating ice cream. sitting on the beach. watching leaves fall from the trees.

i am feeding my soul. and i know that only good can come from this. there is sunshine in the air and in my heart.


Mandala Michelle said...

Great Post. I'm new to your site. Lots of great stuff here!

Jacky said...

Great new mantra (we should all take note of that I think).
Feeding the important to maintain that balance required for every day life. Nourish the soul, nourish your everyday life.

Thanks for this lovely post.

Jacky xox