Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Universe, are you listening?

Yesterday I had received some news that made me question all that I believe in. the kind of news that takes time to process. to understand. the kind of news that made question if I did enough. was I on the right track? did I do the 'right' thing passing on the messages I received? was I too optimistic? why has this happened the way it did?

today I am getting a glimpse of the bigger picture. a little more understanding. knowing the best thing I can do right now is offer a soft falling place and to send love. this one is for me too. to understand the strength of faith I have in myself and the Universe. that there is indeed a bigger picture, no matter who painful that is for all involved.

Universe, if you are listening, I am placing all my trust in you. let this be ok.


Dot said...

Sending you love and light Nic xx

Alison said...

Hi Nic, having just read your post I thought I must comment and let you know just how much help you are. After Sunday's workshop I came home and continued to work on the three pages we discussed - 'Inspiration', 'Intent'and 'Action'. I went to bed totally excited about the day's achievements and as I do started thinking about what you had said about the chocolate and the coffee and it suddenly clicked that I needed a 'Faith' page with a variation on my mantra from those day. I decided my faith page needed to say 'Release it to the Universe'. Almost the same as your message here! Your message and optimism are a treasure and do wonders for those they touch. You are a gift to those lives you touch. Thank you for a truly wonderful experience.

Ro Bruhn said...

We all suffer doubt, without it there would be no need for hope or faith. Sending you energy and light. Ro

Lady Di said...
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Lady Di said...

Sorry Nic, deleted my previous post 'cause I wrote something back to front ... here's what I actually meant to write:

There will always be ups and downs in life because without contrast we would not feel or experience ... and that is why we are here. My greatest life lesson is allowing the experiences to occur and accordingly live my life at cause as much as possible, not at effect ... but I still feel, because that is what life is all about and that is what I'm here to learn. I know you'll find the light, you always do. Keep well dear friend.