Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blooms have blossomed!

Spring is in the Air

I surprised myself. I got these 3 artworks finished with time to spare for cleaning up the house and packing for our trip. And it feels good not to be rushing to get away. Three very different pieces came together and whilst the heat was on there for a while to get them done, I am thrilled with the end results. It feels like a new art space for me. One I'm really happy with.

Spring Couture
I was running short of collected bottle tops, so I went straight to the source....I wondered around the carpark of bottle shop until I found the number I needed. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do.

Embellished in Spring


LuvLoz said...

The first canvas is very pretty but I LOVE the pink one! Those flowers look beautiful, almost good enough to make me think about collecting bottle caps. :)

Lady Di said...

Those flowers are gorgeous, I'm loving the bottle caps. I've been picking up rusty ones off the road-side as well. I used to be embarrassed when my mum would check out the neighbours garbage on the side-walk waiting for council pick ups and now I'm picking up rusty bits off the side of the road ... how funny is that.

Serena said...


Dot said...

Nic - I love the direction your art is going in. These pieces are divine. And the pink one sings with love and energy.
I smiled at the thought of you in the bottle shop carpark collecting bottle tops. Ro would be very impressed :)
I have the gorgeous art you made for me sitting on top of a empty book shelf (emptyed ready for my move). Your art brings me joy every day. And reminds me to stay openhearted and trust the process.
Lots of love to you talented and lovely friend.
Dot xx

Dot said...

P.S Have a great trip to Toowoomba too xx

Jo Wholohan said...

love these new peices nic, just stunning!!!!! have fun in toowoomba, pack your woolies, its freezing up here :)) xx

Anna Bartlett said...

Love the latest canvases my friend, and thanks for the mention. I'm still wanting to make changes to the site, but at least it's working! Am wishing I was more capable at doing things with one hand right now (especially Downlands paintings!) but am enjoying every minute with this new bub.

Julia said...

Hi Nic,
Looove your latest artwork, the combinations of colour you use, and three dimernsional peices, so beautifully mixed togetehr.....I have lots of bottlecaps I havent used yet..love your treatment of them, and the colours you use are really you!, fresh and loving and inspiring,....I am loving selling from my Etsy shop, (just a few prints and cards as yet), but I think of my (very short) conversation with you at the art retreat, and seeing what you were doing, and it got me started at last...about time, as I am much older than others starting out...but very much enjoying my own journey at the moment..I love seeing your blog and all the wonderful things you are doing, and admiring your talent and journey,.xxx...Julia

Jacky said...

These are gorgeous, especially love "Embellished Spring". Creative girl you are.....looks like you are really having a lot of fun with your art!

Jacky xox