Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pushing it ouside the box

Sometimes I love to stretch whatever I'm doing and push it just that little bit further. I could see a single blossom on a canvas with bits running out from the flower and over the edge.The 'click' of what that was happened after a email from darling Ro and I got to creating with crocheting wire and beads. This creative vision has been with me for a while, its just taken a while for it to emerge and I'm so grateful that Ro gave me a 'prod' with a loving stick! Hey isn't that what its all about, sometimes I just need a good prod to get me out of my box and put it all together.

Then I recalled some other artworks that I created a couple of years ago that have a similar theme.

This was from a series of 4 canvas' from 2006, the flowers all different colours and different yarns entwined and crocheted with wire. The whole series sold together in an exhibition.

And these came a little later, a combination of paper flowers, crocheted wire/yarn and canvas flowers.(its current on a wall in a display home in Hervey Bay). The one below is all flowers glued to a canvas with the edges sitting up.

The realisation has just hit me that these blossoms have been within my art for a while, even transpiring into other forms. In Sept 2007 I had an article published in Belle Armoire Jewellery with this piece, based on crocheted wire, beads and buttons. Honestly I didn't see that it reached back that far and wide. Somethings are innate within our creating, a progression...and they unknowingly resurface, like a memory. sometimes I fog over what I have created a revisit is definitely worthwhile. Wonder where the blossom is off to next?


Dot said...

This canvas is gorgeous Nic! And I love the 3D aspect to it. Interesting to see you working with blooms again. And I enjoyed seeing some of your past work.
Dot xx
P.S Very glad you liked the bird I created for you.

Chrisy said...

...headed over here via Ro's that first piece...very tactile...

Anonymous said...

isn't it funny to discover a motif in your work that you never saw before? Like an old friend coming back to visit.

Jacky said...

Gorgeous canvas Nic...I love the added dimension the crocheted wire gives this piece.

Jacky xox

Ro Bruhn said...

Love how the flower combination turned out. It didn't take much of a prod to get you going, this all looks wonderful. It all has a very tropical appeal, must be all of the sunshine you get up north.