Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"align">"centre"Amongst the Pink
Today I am consciously making my day wonderful. Seeing the ordinary as extraordinary and tapping into the wonderment I see in everyday life. Kicking off these dreary thick thoughts and replacing them with colour and light....sounds simple, but not always easy!

The last few days I've had my 11 year old son home, just not quite well enough to go to school. But he is such good company when he's at home with me. He Loves to play Monopoly...I think we have about 4 different variations. And he takes great delight in beating his mum, which seems to happen more often than not.

I have got to my art table though and put together a number of small mixed media collages on paper. I have just allowed myself to use the techniques that I love so much..monoprinting, tidbits of fabric and lace,stenciling, collaging my drawn portaits and using images from my own photo's. I'll have a collection of them to share with you soon.

May you see the extraordinary in your daily life today, its there, truly it is.... sometimes we overlook it. Today I am looking closely.

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Linda said...

Hi, I hope that your son is feeling better. I am new to your blog and I enjoy looking at your images very much. You are very talented.