Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Moon in Cancer~High Tides in the Bay

Today the Moon is full in the sign of Cancer, and it has had an amazing effect on the tides here in the Bay. We were down the beach at about 8 this morning, I knew there was going to be alot of water..... I've heard people call it a King tide. This was awesome. We went to all our usual swimming spots. And this is what we saw.

High tide engulfing the sand.

The wall with ocean at its feet.

On the Bay's doorstep.

A view from the pier.

Sea foam, bubbling, swirling, milky.
There were alot of people out and about this morning, and many disappointed dogs that didn't get their walk on the beach....but it was somewhat weird in that no one was swimming. Maybe it was just a bit to freaky, having no sand.

On an astrological note, Cancer and the Moon are very much at home with each other, so there is great energy attached to our emotions for the next couple of days. The Moons phases can have quite an effect on us, as we are made up of at least 70% water. If the moon can have this effect on the tides imagine how it can effect our emotions......

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Jacky said...

Beautiful photos, especially love the one of the sea foam.
On an astrological note, have had a very emotional day so maybe has something to with Cancer and the moon. Thanks for that insight.