Thursday, September 25, 2008

some inspiration to share

today I have felt inspiration from many places! Ashtara, an amazing woman who has written much about Perceptive astrology, has made her first you tube! She is an absolute inspiration, in her 70's and an incredible, wonderful, knowledgeable woman. Here she explains the soul messages that she found in Kung Fu Panda.

Google is celebrating its 10th birthday and I found reading about the beginning of their business very interesting. The belief those guys had in what they were doing! yer very inspiring.

And some FYI on copyright. As an artist I am aware of these 'rules' but when it comes to mixed media it can get a bit hazy. This article on CPS makes copyright concerns quite clear and is a good read. Worth checking out!

Enjoy an inspired day!

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Serena said...

Thanks for the links, Nic...will check them out later tonight ~ :)