Thursday, August 21, 2008

dare to dream

The words 'dare to dream' have a very significant place in my heart....part of that was inspired by my daughter and a song she has been learning to sing. Shaiyl is part of a signing and singing choir and whilst she doesn't have any hearing challenges (no different to any other 7 year old anyway!) she just loves the fact that she is learning another language. This particular song really stuck a chord with her, so much so that everytime she performed it tears would streaming down her face.

This song was sung at the Sydney Olympics 2000 by two Australian icons, Olivia Newton John and John Farnham....its here on youtube. And lately has been resonating within me. I read recently that the songs we sing in our head often have a message for us to take notice know when you just sing a few words here and there.

This is about me daring to accept what I truly want to create out of the mainstream and be ok with it. That is a challenge , but I am aware that I am the only one that needs to accept what I do, no exceptions. Relying on no one elses opinion or acceptance.... After seeing Andrew Lo's exhibition yesterday, a Sydney artist who is head of the Australian/Chinese painting society, I can happily squash any belief that paper collage artwork is not mainstream.

Some close ups of my painting.

paper I had been hanging on to for too long, not game enough to tear up....until now. it was given to me on a visit to Melbourne by Robert McLaren, whilst on a studio visit.

I'm daring myself to have the courage to accept myself and what I create....and that I am indeed flowing and reaching towards my dreams.

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Serena said...

A lovely painting/collage, Nic! I can't wait to see more ~ :)