Sunday, July 20, 2008

to my true friends

Isn't it interesting how art and creativity brings 'stuff' up? I've been working on this drawing, 2 women who are friends. creative inner voice was really definite about it. had to be 2. and over the last few days i've been working in photoshop with the image. really happy with how it's come together. but it has brought up stuff about friendships. and i'm feeling i haven't always been the best friend that i could be. could have made more of an effort to stay in touch and be part of what is going on for my friends.....i've always been so comfortable with my own company and being an artist that isn't such a bad thing.

but friendships can make life richer, and staying connected with the people i care about is important. i'm going to use this image to remind me to stay in touch....more than on the odd occasion, and to make more time for my friends.

this image is the beginning of a card range i'm creating. i guess a perfect start. a card to let a friend know that i care.


She Who Flies said...

Beautiful image!
And much honesty.
Thank you for sharing both.

Serena said...

It's beautiful, Nic, and a very touching post too.

Like you, I have always been comfortable in my own company and, being an artist, definitely does keep me alone a lot. I lost touch with all my old school friends when my parents moved house....back in those days, a house with even a landline was something only a few people had. Very different to the easy communication methods we have today. I envy people who grew up in the same town and have remained life-long friends. That said, I have met so many wonderful people online and have made some great friends, many of them are creatives/artists so we share a common bond too.

Serena said...

Btw, LOVE the new blog banner! :)