Tuesday, June 3, 2008

recycle art

white print by John Dahlsen

Tomorrow I'm heading into my daughters class to do a day of art with her class. We are focusing on Recycling Art, and the kids have brought in a great range of bits and pieces. I'm sure there are going to lots of creative light bulbs bursting at the seams!

I found this amazing Australian artist John Dahlsen. He collects stuff that gets washed up on the beach at Byron Bay and takes it home to create from. I remember seeing this thong totems some time ago. There is a great video interview with him on his site...you get to see him spreading all his collected bits on the floor to sort them. Well worth a look. I'm sure this is going to blow some of the kids minds and their ideas about what ART really is.

I love the 'whiteness' of this piece.It's like it is only light and shadow.

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