Friday, June 27, 2008

number 3 magnolia

'unbridled at twilight'

30cm x30cm

Here is my artist statement I wrote about the paintings I'm submitting for the show.

My collection of artworks evolves around the undying magnificence of a single magnolia .In this moment this flower represents an essence of beauty, that is delicate, sensual and connected to an everlasting graceful presence. The magnolia was given to me as a gift, hand picked from a garden by a child and gifted to me in a fist clinched with innocence. And I grateful accepted.

This one magnolia is portrayed in many different ways, different styles with a different essence and energy to each. And just as we are individuals, we also have different qualities to ourselves, but still remaining as one.

The image is a photo that I took of the magnolia, hand stitched onto a canvas. I enhanced the image with pen and ink and painted around the central flower. It was fun to work this way.

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Serena said...

Another gorgeous painting! I love your artist statement too...well written and heartfelt.