Tuesday, April 1, 2008

time away = gratitude

Here i am at the Grammar artshow, with my 2 arty farty friends. We had such a blast together and saw some fantastic art. It was great to see many of my artfriends and clients alike.It turned out to be a very successful show, i sold my 3 works that i exhibited. Huge thanks to the lovely ladies who now have their new artworks hanging in their homes. Congratulations, may you enjoy them immensely.

Our weekend away was quite huge, seeing friends and family...we all went our separate ways, my children spending time with their friends also. It was quite chilly in Toowoomba, socks and jumpers in the mornings..not what we have got used to since our move to the Bay.

Looking Outward 910cm x 1500 SOLD

These are 2 commissions i took with me for a client in Toowoomba. I really enjoyed this landscape. I haven't done alot of landscapes before.... i feel a real connecting to rolling hills, trees and earthy rock formations. Maybe its because i'm not amongst the hills anymore i felt a deeper connection or a heartfelt longing that flowed through me to help create this painting.

Earthly Energy 60 cm x 60cm SOLD

Whilst we all had a fantastic time away, it was lovely to come home. Even arriving at 7:00 at night, the Bay greeted us with the warmth from a sunny day. Since returning home i have felt enormous gratitude for the Bay and our move here. After dropping the kids off to school i week i headed to the beach. I spent some time at Shelly Beach and for the first time since I've been here i appreciated the amazing beauty that is at my door step.

AS the tide washed over the shells they played beautiful tinkling music, and i stood for ages listening and feeling connected. and gratiful that i am here.............................

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Serena said...

Congratulations on your sales, Nic! I'm not surprised though as your work is beautiful. It sounds like you had a lovely time away. :)