Sunday, April 20, 2008

no longer wishing i was there...

Well the energy of Aries sun is coming to a close, and i wanted to share with you what i've learnt through this month. My Action energy often played out as impatience, especially when I got into that creative space. i just had to get the piece finished. i've been creating over the last couple of days and when the rushing energy rose up from within i consciously slowed it down. i found i was just working at a speedy pace to move onto the next project and i felt i wasn't enjoying the process.

i found by slowing down i can enjoy what i am doing and it gives the piece time to evolve and the inspiration to come in.

This motivating energy has been with me for a has been driving me and my need to succeed in my business and my creativity. Again rising and rushing to get to the goal anyway i could.things not always turning out because i was feeling frustrated and angry about not moving forward. it kind of blinded me to the fact that i have been so focused on where i want to be, i wasn't enjoying where i am now.

i can now appreciate where i am, right in this moment. and feeling i can enjoy the journey of discovering along the way, rather than wishing i was already there.

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Ms Dragonfly said...

that heart almost looks like candy :) i love candy :D