Friday, April 4, 2008

many enlighting moments

The past week many reflective moments have lead to aha realisations.They have been coming think and fast....about my art, my relationships, my home, my family and my limiting beliefs....Now that i am aware i feel there is going to be a few subtle changes, and it's up to me to put these into action. I really got just how limiting my thoughts have been and how important it is for me to set my own goals based on what i would love to do. It's all stuff that I've read and learnt, but it's like i really got it this time. When ever i hear myself saying "No, I can't" I then ask myself "why?" to see if i am choosing to limit my own potential. Let see how things go from here..going to be an interesting ride .

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Pam Aries said...

Wow..Nic So you are having some 'changes ' too! I deeply felt that this year is a year of positive change. I even have those words in my blog title! I can.t tell you just how LIGHT I feel. You are right! I haven't finished paintng the bus yet, the weather has been rainy so much. I am going to paint more on the back.