Friday, March 14, 2008

treasure trove

I have been so lucky over the last couple of weeks. I have made amazing dicoveries and magical finds. It started with finding 2 additions of past Cloth Paper Scissors that I didn't have. I was almost speechless that they hadn't been purchased. Good on me for finding them!

The next thing that came to me was these beauitful array of cotton crotched lace. I've already used one on a top of mine, and the 2 pillows are going on our bed, a cushion lace cover and the rest may be cut on for collage in my artwork. I found these at an OP shop. (I did a bit on digging through the Manchester to find them)

At the markets last weekend I picked up this book. I was attacted to the age of the cover. I had no idea what a glee book was until I opened it. Oh my, the pages were edge with gold and filled with muscial score. There is no date in the book, and whilst i planned to use it for collage, I'm feeling a little precious about it. Love to find out more about this book.

On my way out of the op shop i spotted some games. Right on top I found a box of timber donimoes! Wow! I have no idea what I'll use them for at the moment, but my children have loved playing with them. I also found an old art glossary book, and thought the pages would be perfect to tear up for collages.
But my best find is yet to come. Yes I had to hold myself back from rushing through the crowds of people at the markets to get to it. I knew it was mine, I'd always wanted one and here it was. I couldn't believe no one was even looking at it......collecting vintage stuff in a place where the population is largely retired is a definite bonus. Vintage hasn't quite made it here yet.

Anyway I discovered Gloria! Isn't she beautiful!

The name Gloria just came to me. Now when we come home from school my kids yell out when we get in the door "We're home Gloria". The other morning my son piped up and said that he felt Gloria was in a bit of a mood today and that's why she isn't saying anything. We all cracked up laughing.
I have been enjoying the vast resources of vintage treasure my new home town has to offer. It has certainly sparked the flame within.

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