Sunday, October 28, 2007


For some time now I have felt slightly confused and foggy with not knowing my 'style'...having so many ideas coming to me, wanting to try them all and not feeling totally fulfilled with the out come. I have really come to understand how important the 'playtime' is, and journalling has been great for getting some ideas out. I realise that not all ideas need to be finished paintings or artworks, simply just getting them out of my head space has been the process.

Often I'm asked where I get my ideas from ...they just come and that is not a concern for me, it is knowing what to do with the abundance of ideas that adds to the confusion. I do feel like I am getting some clarity though....I love so many techniques and mediums, how do I fit them all into one piece.Drawing, painting, collage, sewing and then the imagery....

I feel this collage is getting close...I want to settle down into my own style. I haven't glued any of these images down, so this piece may change. All but the corner piece are my own images and I love that. Let's see what happens next.

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