Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is a photo from last weekend at our 30 x30 Art show and sale. I'm just gathering a few more paintings to take with me today. I'm at the studio this afternoon and tomorrow and have some more paintings going at a special price....making room for the new. Reducing the price of artworks is always a conversation for great debate...does it undervalue the artist or their work? It is said that the early work of an artist is the most valuable, as it is the time and space where they are exploring new techniques and subject matter...the time before they settle into their 'style'. Or as Anna puts it 'Your style finds you'. The answer is an individual one that needs to come from the artist....

I am aware there are many options for moving artworks on: leasing, giving smaller works away with a larger purchase, studio sale, recycling them into a different art forms, and dare I say painting over canvases. That's why it so important if you love the artwork to buy it when you see it..... as the artist style/influence may change or the painting may not just see the light of day again.

And so I have decided to move on some of my artworks...I know that whoever buys them will give them a loving home.

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