Friday, August 3, 2007

The Art Wardrobe

this is great book that i recently bought. My daughter and i have had great fun.... i was very excited about buying this. I loved to dress up as a child, always looking in my grandmas wardrobe for high heels, trying to dress up our cat .....and my brother. And it wasn't until recently I began to ask myself what did i love to do as a child. Sure there was always drawing and collage, sewing, but there was also dressing up. And I do so love shopping.... that's why this book, this experience was so meaningful. it represented so much of my childhood. We would often go on annual holidays and mum would buy us activity books to do whilst staying in our caravan. I loved the paper doll book with the cut out fashions. Always felt frustrated with the tabs not fitting into the slots, but loved the mix and match.

Do you remember that song that 'Sussan' had .. this goes with that at Susan...I remember buying some clothing at Sussan and getting this free 45" yellow record with their theme song. How cool! (do you rememeber)

This is what Shaiyl and I created. We traced and cut out paper, glued beads and had so much fun. It was delightful ! We were fashion designers! I actually applied to a Fashion school in Melbourne after I left high school, but decided to move with my family to Queensland instead.
So I guess I've always wanted to do fashion.
'Soul Clothes'
12'' x 8'' (30cm x21)
Ink Pen on Paper
Original Available-Contact me
Prints soon available
This is the drawing I created today. Soul Clothes. Art that addresses Matters of the Heart. I love this drawing right in this moment. So what I can say to you, what ever you've denied, whatever you've wanted to do but didn' it now!

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Anonymous said...

Soul Clothes!!! How devine to create fashion to honour our body which surrounds the Temple of our Soul. Thank you for weaving the beauty on the outside to bring forth the neon lights from the inside of our being. May we all sparkle and shine towards all we meet. Love you Nic, Jude