Monday, May 14, 2007

why astrology?

I want to share with you why astrology is such a part of my life....(here goes)

Two years ago, I had just packed up my second solo art show. I stretched myself to exhibit 2 solos in 6 months. I had thought that pushing myself was what was needed to be a 'successful' artist. I loved creating, but preparing for this 2nd art show had been hard, with a great number of challenges, not to mention some lack of motivation. And my 'expectations' for the show were so much more....

Whilst the show itself ran quite well on the surface, in all honesty I was flat-flatter than flat-I was low. Was this 'normal' after preparing for an exhibition? I told myself it was, but if I was doing what I loved, why did I feel so unhappy? Why wasn't I able to move forward with my much loved creative career?

That's when I stumbled into astrology...I had always been interested in readings of any sort, curious to know more about myself. My own astrology reading blew me away with its compelling truth and I felt drawn to delve deeper into its knowledge. I have been studying ever since.

With all my honesty I know and trust it is the truest form of information of 'Self' that I have ever experienced. It has given me the wisdom to see things differently, be responsible for what I create and shown me how to love, giving me the ability to move forward.

It is an honour and a privilege that I now offer you the same opportunity, through an individual reading. If you would love to know more about yourself and your creativity through a Spiritual Astrology reading please email me here.

Ashtara,the author and spiritual teacher who wrote the Spiritual Astrology that I have studied describes it as "Astrology is the Science of Energy....encourages you to uncover your unconscious dysfunctional patterning. It is the dense patterning that holds you back from realizing your full potential."

I know the journey to reach my potential is worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nic

I just found you attached to Ashtara's astrology on the web. You truly are a talented intelligent gorgeous woman Nic Hohn, Love you always, Jude