Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Open Air Art

Here is some photos from our Chocolate Cottage adventure! Jackie, Anna and I set up a couple of days before we had our painting day, and the cafe is definitely filled with our paintings! Wall to wall! You can kind of get a feel of the atmosphere from the photos.

It is a delightful place to be.....and I had a great time painting there. I feel the other girls enjoyed themselves too! Kym, lying down on the job! and her painting too, she is such a laugh, and great company.

This is my painting in progress. None of us had worked out what we were going to paint, we didn't discuss colours or composition...only that the 4 paintings would be joined by 2 horizon lines and the order we were going in.I was on the end. It wasn't until we were about 3/4s finished and setting up for some media shots that we saw them together...and I know I wasn't the only one who's jaw dropped to see what we had created.

This is what I saw,the 2 end panels mirrored in colour and landscape form. Interesting because I don't think or feel that I have ever painted a landscape outside of Uni.Kym has a bird coming into the painting, whilst I have a flower. Jackie's and Anna's paintings are more yellow based and have shaped based designs, Jackie's reflected glasses and almost patchwork like and Anna's was all about the food! It does look quite amazing together. And will be on exhibit at the Lions Creative Show at the end of May.
In about 4 weekends time the 4 of us may be on Queensland Weekender...they were filming whist we were painting. Anna was filmed having conversation with Chris. I'm sure it will be interesting viewing....There are more photo's here
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Maryika said...

Yes, a great place to paint, out doors in the open with a fantastic view. you picked a great place to be active. Will look for you on the weekender. Kims forshortining photo would look great as an exagerated painting, could give her giat feet. Love the piece Surrender. Maryika