Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What Inspiration is on Your Fridge?

Recently I read a post on a blog of my dear Canadian friend Violette, where she talked about a fridge magnets and what was on her friends fridge. It got me thinking about what I have on my fridge, and does it inspire me? Well I can tell you without hesitation that my fridge messages are constant positive reminders, especially these two that my six year old lovingly gave me! At the time she made 'vouchers' for all the family, I'm not sure what the boys did with theirs...but my heart filled with a feeling of overwhelming joy and sadness. But then a realisation that how ever I am as a mum is ok, and there are times were I feel frustrated and upset..knowing they are learning their stuff too, and not to beat myself up.But there are also great times were we do laugh alot! Both experiences are showing my children that its all ok, and that we are real when we are happy and sad.These messages are very special and give me strength.

This magnet was given to me by a Year 12 group who I had the pleasure of speaking with, about art and diversity of mediums. A stretch for me at the time, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed! And I love the wording....

And I do have a special glittery magnet from Violette that serves as a wonderful reminder of how friendships can build no matter the distance.

So what inspiration is on you fridge? What do you look at as a daily reminder of how special, and unique you are? If you would love to share please leave a comment, I'm curious what's on your fridge?

It is safe for me to Venture out,
explore and try new things.

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