Friday, February 16, 2007

Just Happened....

I was listening to an audio the other day, and decided to draw at the same time.....this is what happened. It was a wonderful experience with no intentions or expectations on the out come and it felt magical! And I kind of surprised myself, that is the way it's meant to come, easily, naturally and effortlessly.I would love to allow myself to do that more often, forcing the creativity out makes it hard work and that is then reflected in the energy of the artwork...get that logical left side of the brain occupied, and the right side can just do its creative flowing stuff!

"Each day I allow more of the inside me to be revealed"

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Anonymous said...

I love the heart in your throat chakra Nic,to read your explainations of how you go about your delightful creations is truly inspiring and fun. Thankyou for sharing your drawings of Ashtara's Astrology Books, they look fabulous. Love you always, Jude