Monday, January 29, 2007

Quiet Extcitement....

Today I am filled with quiet excitement and breathing children are back to school today, I love them dearly and we had a fantastic time together over the holidays.... we were all ready for a change of pace.This morning I have done my chi gong, tidied the house and have so many 'things' I want to start creatively. So I took a moment and a deep breath and made a list of what I wanted to achieve, more as a reminder that I don't have to get everything done today, there is more time tomorrow and the next.

For me it is almost like my New Year doesn't start until my children go back to school, I guess that is part of working from home...and the house seems so quiet, think I'll go and put some enya on ( this is a great site, I spent some time exploring the castle!) and enjoy a cup of green tea.I'm sure 3:00 will be here before I know it!

"It is OK for me just to be."

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