Friday, January 19, 2007

Love those Cafe Cups

This is a painting I created for my first solo exhibition in July 2004, Banquet of Colour. It is 1 metre square, quite a large painting with texture, wire and paper-mache.I used tea to stain the border. Honestly I love this piece and I guess that is why it is in my kitchen today. A while after the solo show, some how I got it into my head that my art didn't have enough depth or meaning and went on a very long search to find it (whatever it was) .

Recently I have been working through my self criticism.And I was asked to do a commission painting, like the one above.My first reaction was to say that it is not my painting style any more, but I felt drawn to say yes....and to my delight it was an absolute pleasure to create. It was fun and it came easily. And I knew in that moment that I had it all along, and what I was creating was perfect and it was meant to be easy. No more criticism, conscious or unconscious.

"Love is Filling Our Cups" has a wonderful energy to it, and is going to a home that appreciate its essence and meaning. Maybe I'll incorporate some of the techniques I used, maybe I'll paint some more themes along these lines, maybe I won't...but I am acknowledging the wonderful latent creativity that shines within me, knowing the artist within is perfect, as is.

So that has been one of my aha moments over the last is New Moon in Capricorn, and a great time to set intentions and goals.To read some about this New moon check out Lisa Dale-Millers Astrowisdom site.

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Pam Aries said...

NIC ! THese paintings are so cool! i love the colours!..The are just vibrating! I cannot say enough about what a true Artist you are! In every way! If only WE could all reac hthe point that you are at now! Rock on, sister! My affirmation for today: "I appreciate the abundance of life and there is plenty for ALL"