Monday, July 17, 2006

Mural Painting With Friends

This is a blank wall at my childrens school, Highfields State. An area that has huge potential for some creative work! My sons class and the other Year 3's have been studying a unit
'I Spy- Endangered Plants and Animals' and this wall was chosen to represent the information they have been learning. The mural I designed was scenic background for animal silhouettes... The children have also made concrete pavers for a 'Learnscape Garden'. They have drawn into the pavers designs to reflect the endangered and native species. The background on the wall runs from desert to woodland to rainforest to ocean.

I had three helpers, Michelle, Nadine and Jane.. all mums of Year 3's and great friends. We all had fun painting together, it was great to have some company painting, for a change. The wall is transformed, ready for the animal silhouettes and it was a very productive day. Thanks Guys!

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Pam Aries said...

It already looks fantastic! What a difference..before it looked so drab and uninviting! I wish every school would do that! Great job, girls! pam Aries