Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am Pink Enough!

am I pink enough?

it seems like forever that I've actually put brush to canvas. this flowed out with the idea of drawing directly on to the canvas. I'm trilled with how it looks and was able to draw into it with my biro too. her face is actually whiter than what it is pictured here. the graininess you can see on her face is the texture of the canvas. not a premade canvas, but a fame my hubby made and stretched for me (He's a joiner by trade, I'm so lucky!)

and I have been in super organizing mode. I have to confess in the past I could never really see the value of being super organized. I was ok with being a bit organized or kind of knowing where things might be. But I've truly been bitten by the bug. it almost feels like a nesting period and I am so in love with storage containers. ..and I've discovered how wonderful those bags are that you put your clothes and linen in and suck all of the air out off.marvelous!

its happening in my studio too! these doors were given to us and my hubby and I have put plans together for 3 cupboards with 6 doors. I can see I'll be painting these white, along with my bookshelf and studio table. Can't wait to get things organized and labelled in there! can you see the corner of my car in this pic? I have some swirly graphics on the side and back of our station wagon with my website addy.

all is well...

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Suzanne said...

Welcome back to painting! That is a beautiful piece. What is it about the brush on canvas that we love so much? It's so much fun, and the rest of the world just goes away.