Thursday, December 16, 2010

street art is sydney

doorway art

some street art we noticed whilst walking the streets of Sydney. loved this painting in the doorway of the shop....

concrete art

sculptures made of concrete around a sign post (my daughter spotted this one)

little man

a little b+w man. having a closer look I discovered the top painting and this one was created by the same artist."Ears", as he's known, has a website ( yes it is valuable to write your website on your creations) he paints lots of street art as well as canvas.maybe you've seen his work before? worth a look and refreshing to see a mans point of view on portraits. you can find him here I love the freedom he expresses through his brush/spraycan....

wheres wally

and where would be be without Where's Wally? we loved spotting all these delightful creations as we walked. ah the culture of Sydney..


jacqueline said...

Oh nic, these are gorgeous!! I adore the scu;ptures around that sign post! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Jacky said...

Amazing street art (must go and check out that website...thank you).

I love visiting inner Melbourne and checking out the street art, especially around Fitzroy area, lots of uni students live there and there is always amazing art to be seen.

Thanks for sharing.

Jacky xox