Monday, December 20, 2010

what I've learnt....

I've been reflecting on the last six months. Truly, they have been huge. I've done things I've never done before, learnt things I didn't think I ever would and embrace things about myself that I wasn't even aware of.its been a time of real growth.With much gratitude I thank the last 6 months for all that its taught me and how I've struggled but stretched also....

  • top of the list.. Kelly Rae's "Flying Lessons". challenged me to speak up and join the glad I did.where I learnt that I am a talented artist, I just need to balance the other elements in my biz to make my dream a reality.
  • gained courage to ask for what I wanted when I was clear on what that was.
  • I learn by doing. yes I'm in my 40's and I'm just acknowledging that!
  • made the effort to connect with new friends and the rewards have been great.
  • I cancelled a solo exhibition/workshop planned for Oct, and found out in Sept that the biz had closed. So glad I listened to that inner message.
  • learnt how important planning and organization is.
  • went back into the workplace for a couple of days a week where my logical brain was stretched to the point that I thought the rubber band was going to snap. In the past my brain has not been wired for codes, numbers and systems. However I can say now that that job has taught me so much and I know for sure my creative vision is better for having this experience.
  • I've put in place the systems and the planning that I've learn to be so important in both my biz and personal life.
  • went to Keith Lo Blue's gallery talk and learnt soooo much from his words of wisdom.
  • I learnt that its ok for me to design the life I want and don't have to take whatever comes along. that has taken daily discipline but thats easier than trying to sort through the 'whatever'.
  • was asked to exhibit at Art + Show and I felt validated at home for doing this event.
  • I had my first ever international holiday, which brought up fear, but I was able to work through it and I was ok!
  • something has shifted and I can see through the illusions, that once kept me in the fog.
so what does all this mean? changes are afoot...I'm actually going to sit down and plan the year ahead, maybe even a biz plan and there shall be changes. for the better. that I know for sure....


Belinda said...

wow what a positive year you have had. I need to do this and work out what I really want with my future, scary I guess to actually put what you want into action but I know I can do it and so can YOU :) well done for taking the leap and having confidence in your self. Have a wonderful Christmas and safe new year Nic.
Take care
Belinda xxx

Jacky said...

Wonderful, positive post...

Sending warm Christmas Wishes and lots of Christmas Cheer to you and your family.

Looking forward to 2011 and what it holds...sounds exciting!

Jacky xox

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Nic, thanks so much for such a beautiful and positive post! I need to work on a post to reflect on my 2010 resolution and also make a new list for the coming new year! Have a lovely merry happy week, happy holidays and merry christmas! Love to you~

Lucy said...

You Go Girl!!!
You are now empowered and what happens next is up to YOU!
Hugs Lucy

Anna Bartlett said...

Cool! Can't wait to come for the ride Nic! You are really becoming quite grown up. In a good way.

Robin Norgren said...

hello my lovely friend! So so love your list. 2011 is going to be fabulous. Write the vision and AWAY YOU GO! xoRobin

Suzanne said...

Look how many wonderful accomplishments you have. Good for you. I'm sure you'll double it next year.

e'layne said...

what a great reflection..i love that you canceled something because you trusted you gut...what a great lesson..thanks so much for sharing..happy, happy new year