Saturday, January 2, 2010

january journey

Here is where my intentions for 2010 got started.....some what bewildered i tried making a list, but how can i make a list when i don't really know what what i want to achieve this year? i had a feeling, unexplainable and challenging to put into words. even more so to write them down. so i got my journal out. i felt i need direction. once i know where i am heading i can shoot like an arrow, but it is taking the first step what i often find the hardest.

this journal page began with a random map i tore out of an atlas. turned out it wasn't so random after never is. it is a street map of the capital of Australia. the heart of the city with all the roads leading into the centre. and i began to play with colour and pattern, noticing afterwards there was a key to the colours i used.

this was an important beginning for unblocked things for me. it helped me start my intentions, got them rolling. and the list is becoming more refined and clear.

good ol' journaling....always makes the road much clearer. anyone else started journaling about the year ahead?

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Lady Di said...

For the last 2 year's I've been planning to write a list of what I want to achieve for the year and still haven't done it. I have done some work in my journal since the workshop I did with you in October, I've joined an Art Journal Calendar Challenge ... at least I'm writing about my every day activities, which I so like to look back upon.