Sunday, January 3, 2010

sacred space

One of my new favourite spots in my studio....this table has my sewing machine and goodies underneath it. and i just love that i can sew with such ease. before it has always been about getting the janome out of the cupboard, clearing a space on the kitchen table and packing up after wards. i think i have made this a bit of a sacred space because it feels so special ... my daughter loves this table too, especially when the lights are on.

around my mirror are some treasured goodies. left to right. a beautiful piece made by Karin H. i received it in the 12 days of Xmas swap with the Australian Art Sisters. this is the second piece that Karin has made for me in a swap and I just love the tactiliness of her creations. my son made the red Chinese letters. he has been studying Chinese at school. i thought it was very cool...he told me when it is folded in half ( one character) it means like, 2 characters means love. then he pointed out to me that this symbol was in our glass at the front of the that. a candle from the Fraser Island Retreat and a crystal from my darling friend Jude. and these wild cups were part of my ceramic painting era, they work perfectly.

and this is my journal page from this morning. not my usual strand of work, but it need to be simple, strong and powerful.self validation needs to be....


Jacky said...

Your sewing table/area looks soooo lovely Nic. No doubt some wonderful creations will emerge from this area. It has that special Nic touch.
Love the journal page too. I've been keeping it simple too...after Christmas it seems the way to go.

Sending peace and love,

Jacky xox

Anna Bartlett said...

Lovely Nic. A whole lovely room full of potential. Yum. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Quilt Knit said...

Everything is so nice! However, the room you walk into to see the Blue and Black and White? I fell and hit my head on the floor. There was no rug under the Vase to catch me.
Ha Ha! Great time you are going to have.