Wednesday, January 6, 2010

creatively awake

Darling Diana sent me this beautiful and insightful book as a gift.Creative Awakenings. huge thanks Diana. I have spent a lot of time with this book, drinking in the pictures, journal pages and how to's. What I love about this book, is that Sheri Gaynor and the other 12 artists talk about how they use journaling to problem solve, discover and work their way through 'stuff'. it is very real and honest.

my all time fav is Anahatas chapter. you probably guessed I'm a huge fan and just love her collage works and all the applications that she turns her hand to.

and Sheri seems to be a bit of a dynmo herself, a creative coach who talks about setting intentions through journaling and creating pages that have a higher purpose. thats my kind of book. thanks Diana, I love it!

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Betsi Goutal said...

Thanks so much for reviewing this, it was on my Christmas list along with several other art books and I've been trying to whittle down the list of which ones to treat myself to. :)