Tuesday, January 5, 2010

enjoying the newness

here's a shot of our lounge....with a new piece i created last night. a canvas painting had an overnight transformation. i covered the white areas with pattern tissue, then cut it off the frame.flipping the canvas over i measured 10cm strips and cut. then i selected a few pieces and sewed them back together, a bit like strip piecing patchwork. i only used a quarter of the canvas so i'm sure there will be other creations that evolve. sometimes i just know when a painting has had its day and this was one of them. i took shots of progress below.

some pen work and a rosette to finish, hanging by a recycled coat hanger

and its been raining here. on and off for a number of days. we took our border collie for a walk this morning to the hockey grounds and the kids and i got soaked....it was a lot of fun though. mind you it is still very humid and definitely still swimming weather.

our new home is a 2 storey home and instead of down pipes it has chains from the gutters. we all love watching the water pour down. the kids often play with the pouring water.

and some wet garden shots. it has a very Balinese feel to it. truly lovely, even in the wet.


Lady Di said...

Your home is stunning and I love your vision of how to revamp an old canvas, it's really fantastic.

Ro Bruhn said...

Welcome to 2010 and your new home. Love your revamped canvas. I adore the colourful one in your previous post. I too go through many phases, part of the circle of life.

Anna Bartlett said...

fabulous pics and ideas and canvas my new 'grown up' friend! you've got a house that doesn't need to cater for babies anymore and can be truly yours. how wonderful for you to enjoy. can't wait to visit one day (when my babies are old enough not to break stuff!)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.