Thursday, December 31, 2009

thank you 2009

Thank you 2009. you have provided some amazing learning curves, opportunities and growth experiences. Some I would not have chosen consciously, but none the less I am grateful for all that you have given me this year. I have stretched....and that is all good.

I am grateful for......

finding the perfect home to live in. it is beautiful, amazing and spacious and now I have studio space. it is beyond my wildest dreams.

finding the perfect studio space to teach in. thank you Kaye for sharing your sacred creative space.

the amazing ladies that come to my workshops. I feel and can see they value what I teach. thank you for your support and friendships.

having the opportunity to travel to Melbourne, studying/creating with international tutors. learning new skills and meeting like minded, creative amazing women who I can now call dear friends. xoxo

embracing a new friendship and culture with my dear friend Mary. she taught me much in the short time we had together. our coming together in place and time was no coincidence and her passing was one huge lesson where I truly woke up.

for being published in Cloth Paper Scissors twice, earlier in the year.

creating an Creative getaway on Fraser Island, where again I learnt much.

Many lessons have filtered their way through. I feel I know myself better, which can only be a good thing. Thank you 2009. I am stronger, braver and just a little more courageous.... ready to pass through the gateway to 2010.

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