Monday, December 28, 2009

Tropical Xmas

here we are. boxes have been unpacked, things have been sorted and found new homes, rooms created with new energy and a Tropical Xmas in the mix.

the move went well...our internet connection had a number of hiccups despite my good intentions of this one thing running smoothly. we are all feeling at home and loving our new space. for me having a studio is like walking into heaven. all my stuff, my creativity, my 'work tables' are a joy to see and I have found myself just sitting in the space. soaking it all up.

enjoying having family staying with us at the moment. our chocolate loving daughter is have an unusual midday sleep, mum playing games with number 1 son, hubby in the garage sorting some materials to build some new cupboards and dad pottering around. its lovely. we have had swims in the pool, watched the rain bucket down and enjoyed watermelon, cherries and our very own passionfruit from our garden.

my spirit is starting to itch for some creativity. think I might slip off quietly into my studio. I can hear the call of my scissors and glue, I can hear the tearing of paper and my collection of images waiting patiently for me to return.

Hope everyone enjoyed a special day with loved ones. Merry belated Christmas wishes to you. xoxo


Bethel of Bethania said...

Sounds like a wonderful after Christmas time... everyone off doing what they like to do best... including arvo naps... So pleased to hear your move went so well & you are all so organised...
Have a wonderful New Year... B

Dot said...

You paint a beautiful picture Nic. Am so glad that your move into your new home has gone smoothly. And you are enjoying your new studio.
Your Christmas sounds perfect1
Dot xx

Jacky said...

Sounds like a wonderful family Christmas to christen your new home.
Heaven...a new studio. How lovely to sit their and meditate/ponder ...did you get the glue and scissors out???

How lucky was I to receive one of your beautiful canvases for Christmas from my dear friend excited when I opened my present. My canvas is currently sitting on my bookshelves in the loungeroom where I can enjoy it each day (as is the other lovely piece of art you those colours).
Wishing you a wonderful New Year and looking forward to catching up again in March.

Jacky xox