Monday, July 6, 2009

in the meantime, a little distraction

I have been giving my artworks some solid time and thought I'd share some creative goodies. I've been involved with a couple of swaps lately, personal and group swaps and thoroughly loved being part of, on many levels. I found it such a loving and sharing way to gift some creativity to another. I'm sure you recognize the bird above from darling Dot...

A beautiful heart stuffed with love from Jacky. I have both of these hanging from some driftwood I collected.

Another 'creative distraction' I finished last week. I have a collection of 'important' bits and pieces, that have been sitting around for the longest time, waiting for their turn to be put together. The buckle in this one is from a pair of shoes I wore in the 80's and just knew I was meant to use them on something else. Loved the ornateness and shape. Somethings I just know, feel, they have specialness in them.

This is a combination of 'Grandmaness'. Some crystal beads from my grandmas collection and the brooch from Darryls grandma. A delicate sentimental piece.

I am making progress with my artworks and looking forward to sharing the photos of finished works with you. I'm pushing through the resistance, procrastination and leaving the mounting laundry.....


Studio Sylvia said...

The shoe buckle looks great in the necklace Nic. The birds look wonderful too.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Nic!
Such pretty gifts from lovely and talented friends! The jewelry work is stunning... so romantic and beautiful! Have a great day!

Dot said...

Hi Nic
Am thriled you like the bird I created for you. And very happy this bird is sharing a space with Jacky's gorgeous heart.
The jewellry you have created is gorgeous and very personal too.
Beautiful work!
Dot xx