Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shouts and sharing

I'm off to Toowoomba tomorrow, delivering paintings, seeing family and friends and going to
a Design Talk with Carolyn Taylor-Smith. Carolyn is the costume designer at the USQ and is also an award-winning couturier. Her design direction has been exquisitely exhibited on stage with "Shakespeare in the Park' productions. She creates absolutely beautiful designs and I felt privileged to have her open of my solo painting exhibitions 'Inwrought Couture'. After her Design talk there is a fashion parade of costumes and champagne. Sounds like a great creative recipe for an evening out!

Another shout is about my darling friend Anna. Anna has recently had some major achievements..giving birth to her 4th child and getting her website up and running. Anna is now selling Golden products on line and is based in Queensland. So for anyone wanting Golden products have a look at this Shiny Happy Art site.

I am in love with this collection of stamps. Love the image in b+w with a coloured background....reminds me of my own artworks on paper. I bought the postcard set and they are divine!

Have one more artwork to finish today, along with some washing, packing and playing.

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Anonymous said...

OMG - you mean I can FINALLY get my hands on some GOlden products and understand why everyone IN CPS and Quilting Arts and blogs raves about them? YEEEEHAAA!