Thursday, July 2, 2009

got what I asked for

Yes I got what I asked be consumed in my next project. I had completely 'fogged out' a couple of dates for upcoming exhibitions. So with paperwork filled out and in the post, the creations are in progress. Its not the best way to enter an artshow. A totally organized artist would have the artwork completed before sending the details off, but as I am so aware I don't always do things the 'conventional' way. Another date to work towards and a number of creations to finish sees me juggling school holidays, spending time with my children and getting to my art table.....

I totally got what I asked for.


Anonymous said...

yup..I know this feeling. I fog out too, and then wake up like sleeping beauty and wonder where I was.... good luck, stay absorbed.

Jacky said...

Luscious canvas...and so what if you dont do things the conventional way! Adds a bit of spice to life.

Have fun!

Jacky xox