Friday, June 26, 2009

loose ends finished up

My contribution to Grrls project got finished a few days ago and I loved having a date to work to. It meant I got to take my knitting everywhere with me; in the car for school pick up, dance drop off, watching my daughters netball and sons hockey, school assembly and most of all I loved being occupied creatively during the evening. So much so I have been feeling a little lost the last few fingers and heart are itching to take up another project that is all consuming.

My knitting strip ended up being quite a 'collaboration' in itself. I cut strips of fabric from a textured tshirt my Grandma wore, one of my favourite tshirts of all time that I had completely worn out, some wool from a poncho that my mum knitted for me and both my children helped with stitches here and there. All embellished with shells. And one piece of coral that was heart shaped.It had the perfect hole in it already for attachment. It finished up a bit like a wild womans sampler!

'you are loved'

Finishing up this week also saw this mixed media collage on paper, go into the post for Debbi

Inspiration for this piece came from a beautiful piece of jewellery Grrl created in Stephaine Lees class at CSR09. I fell in love with the vintage pink crystals. It took me for ever to work out a pattern and threading material I was happy with. This time I was glad I was more patient than I usually am. I had enough materials left over to create a bracelet.

Now I'm earning for another consuming creation to pop up for me. I love being so immersed in creativity, although I find it not so easy to set my own deadlines.Its probably right there on my table already...just waiting for me to pick it and run with it. Maybe if I walk past often enough it might just yell out "Hey you, its my turn!"

My wish for you today is for you to be happy consumed in your creativity, always!


drmarty62 said...

It's all so beautiful Nic.

Jacky said...

Beautiful pink crystals and I love the delicate design you have created.
Your collage for Debbi is gorgeous as always. Serene and such beautiful colours and images, Debbi will LOVE it I am sure.
And... that knit up for Grrl is just amazing. I love that little coral heart and all of the other special touches you have added from your family. Will be lovely to all be displayed together at Grrls installation.
Sounds like those fingers are itching to get stitching again!!!

Sending love....

Jacky xox

Lady Di said...

Your creations are stunning ... patience really is a virtue.

Debbi Baker said...

Just caught up on your last several posts Nic and as always you are very inspiring! Love the crystal necklace and bracelet and I admire your patience as much as your creativity! Love love love that beautiful piece of art that is now gracing my home and reminding daily that I am loved! (Thank you)