Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wow, what a wonderful world!

all my fears have dissolved and I am embracing the wonderful world of travel and beyond! I had the best time in Melbourne. So many wonderful, amazing, talented women. I feel truly humbled by being part of the Creative Soul Retreat. I arrived in Melbourne all in one piece, and found darling Jan. We waited for our airport angel, and although my flight was delayed it was no drama. Fiona (Bevlea's daughter) was so relaxed it put me at ease straight away. Thank you Angel!

Here's Jan and I, a little more relaxed!

On to the retreat, what a beautiful place, surrounded by trees and garden. I have some great shots of the garden and beyond to share in the next post. As we were a little time challenged and the retreat had already opened, I quickly grabbed my creative goodies and set up for the Twilight Market. So many women, so many great things to buy! Big Thanks to everyone who bought some of my goodies.Hope you are enjoying them.

My Market table

I have to admit I was a little star stuck being in the presence of such great talent, and couldn't take my eyes off the 3 incredible tutors. It felt awesome to be in Melbourne, drinking in all this creative energy.

me, Brenda and Diana

These lovely ladies were my roomies for the weekend..Brenda (the creative night owl) and Diana (lover of life). Thanks for tolerating my early rising! I had great early hour conversations with these two special ladies.

View from our bedroom window.

The next morning I felt like I was like a child waking on Christmas morning! And after breakfast I found myself so totally absorbed in Bernie Berlin's techniques. ahhh it felt so good!


My book, loved this whole day.

These are Bernies hands....she is definitely a hands on artist.Over the weekend you could see who had taken her class...we all had hands of technicolour!

shall post some more pics tomorrow. Reality is calling and its time to pick my children up from school....


Lady Di said...

I had the best time and loved chatting with you into the wee hours of the morning. Thanks for being my roomie and such a fun person to hang out with ... you made my weekend all the more enjoyable and your prize-win on the last night capped it off.

Lady Di said...

Oh, and your journal pages are awesome ... you are seriously talented.

Serena said...

Your journal pages are fabulous! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Great to see some pix of the retreat. I'd love to see more.....

Dot said...

I am SO pleased I met you Nic. And the special time we spent together on Sunday night at the retreat was a highlight for me (tears and all).

You are a very special lady - loving, warm and perceptive. And extremely talented too.

It is rare to meet such a kindred spirit. I feel very blessed.

Your journal pages are wonderful, and your heart and spirit shine from your art.

Big hug from me (I miss you already).

Dot xx

Queen Of Toys said...


Thank you for sharing your weekend with me too. You are a brilliant artist and a definate lover of life. Your blog is awesome and one that I will be tracking for a long, long time.

You had the most amazing roomies such wonderful and beautiful ladies.

The weekend was just way out there with so much to do and achieve, the teachers were just the best, pitty they had to go home.

Jacky said...

Hi Nic, so lovely to meet you at the retreat and share some time with you.

I love the paintings you have been working on since you returned.

Cant believe you are only home two days and then off again! Have fun with your family and thanks for sharing your lovely photos from the retreat with us.

Mmmmm.... beautiful journal pages.

Jacky xox

Eva said...

So very nice to meet you Nic - though it was only brief (busy/busy running aroung re: being Bevlea's 'soldier ant' - as I called myself - lol)- but I sensed a lovely warmth instantly around you - by you 'just being you'. Thanks for being one of those who made the Retreat a delightful experience.

Stephanie left me a very nice card with very nice written words from her to me hidden for me to find (when I went to change her bed sheets after I returned from the airport) and noticed it was written on one of your cards. I felt fortunate to have two very talented artists (and very lovely people too may I just add) on the one card ... *score!* (lol)

Eva :-)