Thursday, March 12, 2009


< align ="centre">goodies for the Creative Soul Retreat
My bags are packed and thankfully under weight.sigh of relief. I have my road maps, my creative goodies for the Twlight Market, tools and supplies, phone numbers, camera.....all packed. It's challanging to get my head around the fact that the Creative Sould Retreat starts tomorrow. It always seemed so far away and here I am with one day to go....I can hardly say in the one sentence "I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow".

The most challenging part for me is travelling there on my own, it has brought up so much fear. I don't think I can be anymore organized or prepared. Its just the fear of what if, and its time to be brave and move through it. I sat down this afternoon and wrote a list of intentions for the weekend. This is what came up:
  • to face my fear of getting to the Maroochydore airport on my own, and do it with ease and grace
  • to accept myself and my creativity in the midst of many other creative souls
  • connect on a heart level with many amazing and talented women
  • to have fun and laughfter and listen to my inner guidance
  • enjoy being a student, learn and see how I can enhance this knowledge with my own style

Most of all to be ok with me... and have loads of fun.


Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Nic, I'm sure you overcame all of your fears. It was so lovely to meet you, your art is wonderful. I hope you enjoyed all of your classes and I hope you had a safe trip home. These retreats are wonderful for the artists soul. The only problem is they come and go way too quickly, it would be nice if they could happen every few months, not annually. I enjoyed our healing sessions with the tutors we made a good team. Hope to catch up again soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic,

I am so glad to make a connection with you. A kindred spirit that I will look for in June to hang out with..

Jo Wholohan said...

great to meet you finally nic, thanks for sharing memories xx

Sue Thiel said...

Hi Nic, it was great to meet you and share some time with you. I am wearing your turquoise necklace now and thinking of you. Until next time, Sue T.