Thursday, March 19, 2009

packed ready to go again

i am

i am (30cm x30cm)

My last bag has been unpacked today, the most challenging was unpacking all my art supplies.. it was great to have them all together in a suitcase by the dining reminded me of being in Melbourne. As they say all good things have to come to an end.....but do they really?

The bags are empty ready to be filled again. Home for 2 days, then we are off to Toowoomba. A family gathering, some paintings to deliver for an exhibition next weekend and some appointments. It was great coming home to some artwork that 'had' to be kept my creative juju following. I felt really free creating this piece, "I Am" , like it was a journal page, this one is my favourite out of the four paintings.

we are all important 30 x30 cm

moon daisy, grow with me 50 x 60cm and below

be who you are 80cm x 45cm


Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous works of art Nic. I love the first one especially. Have a lovely time with your family and good luck with your exhibition works. Sounds like Stephanie received some benefits from our healing session.

Lady Di said...

Love the paintings Nic, you are a seriously talented artist. Love to catch up with you again sometime before the next retreat (if you're going along).

brenda grace said...

I also love love love the "I am" masterpiece. Do hope your exhibition goes so well and the year to follow allows to to travel overseas with your firend - you won't want to stop once you have and I will so look forward to your art that will evolve from your travels. Just like Lady Di:) think positive as if you are already commited to actually going and before you know it you will be there. Lots of very special love for someone very special and thanks for your friendship at the retreat Brenda Grace

Jen Crossley said...

Your work is truely amazing I got my copy of cloth paper scissors today and guess who I was look at??your wonderful work

JuliaRose said...

Hi Nic,
Thanks for visiting my blog, and your encouraging comment....I love this "I am "piece its wonderful, I love all the elements, and the colours, my favorites, and the girl is gorgeous!...the work that you did at the retreat looks great too...wish I had been able to be there for classes...maybe next year?