Thursday, November 13, 2008

remembering where I am

Taking mums camera for a stroll along the beach was lovely. And there were some beautiful gifts from nature to capture through the lens...patterns, shapes, colours that can only be found in this worldly, magnificent garden.

My mum and dad both asked me an interesting question.... when do you get used to living at the beach, and get complacent about having it so close.... and it got me thinking about whether we take our beach, that is only 10 minutes away, for granted. Sure we haven't been swimming as much, just because it has been colder, but every weekend we experience the beach in some maybe fish and chips by the water, an evening walk, or early morning rock hopping.
And taking photos helps me remember to see the beauty where ever I am, no longer surrounded by mountains and roses, but I can see natures gifts in wood and shells or whatever is along the beach.

These snapshots, moments in time help me remember where I am, and to take a breath and appreciate where I am and what I am surrounded by.


Bronwyn, said...

I love your photos of the stump & the grey flowers.

Serena said...

You are so lucky! I dream of having a place by the bay/beach ~ :)