Saturday, November 15, 2008

meaningful paintings

Just finished this painting for my darling new niece. Well I guess she is not so new, but she did have a bit of a sudden welcome to the world in May at 29 weeks, weighing 1225grams. I am happy to share that she is doing really well, growing and being like any other baby.....ah yes I remember those days, sleepless nights, endless cuddles and lots of milk!

I have included parts of Ava's baptism invitation in this painting and paper wings seems so fitting for this little angel. The four of us, myself, the kids and my hubby have all painted part of this painting~a gift from all us to Ava. The kids even wrote letters to Ava that I have put in an envelope and attached to the back, so she can read them when she gets older.

I really love doing these sorts of paintings. They have such special meaning right through the layers of collage. It brings me so much joy to include paper 'bits' that have that connection.

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