Tuesday, March 18, 2008

new projects

I've been feeling really keen to put an art book together. Been so inspired by dj pettitts beautiful tactile work. Art books seem like such a great place for all those tactile sensory pleasures to come together, being able to touch and see.

I don't know a lot about how to put a book together, with binding or pages...so for my first one I bought a board book at an op shop and sanded and gessoed the pages. It's been so much fun. I've loved the freedom of being able to choose from so many materials. The kitchen bench and dinning table was just covered with paper, fabric, beads, odds and ends I've collected and not know what to do with.
Then i made so cards. Crocheted lace, my sweet darling bird image, raw silk, buttons loose hanging threads.....

Here's another one.I'm starting to think about envelopes now as they are not a standard size...have a few crazy ideas to play with. Another fun day of playing tomorrow and a bit of work also. 2 commissions to do...playing is so much more fun.....

'Sing sweetly in the morning
Of blessings in the Dew'

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Serena said...

Lovely pages, Nic! I'm guilty of neglecting my art journal these past couple of weeks due to commissions but, hopefully, I can get back to it soon. :)