Monday, September 24, 2007


Today, I have just reach a place of better understanding of myself.....
This morning I learnt that my 'Couture' piece did not get selected for a local exhibition.This is the 3rd year running I have entered artworks and not had my work shown. I had been encouraged to retry for selection and felt excited about the direction I am heading with my art, and so took the offer up.

I started to wonder why it is so important for me to have 'local' acceptance . A memory came up from my primary school days that I would do (almost) anything to been accepted by the 'local' kids....but never really felt like I did. This was my same experience today.

However now I have the wisdom to know that I do not have to compromise myself and what I love to do or love to create. And so it is with much courage and strength that I will continue to create what I love, because I am true to myself and I accept who I am. In the past I may have changed styles, trying to fit in or to create something that was more 'acceptable' but not been happy within.

I know within my heart that I am on the right path for me, I absolutely adored what I was sooo much fun and it made my heart sing, it was exciting. That's how I know I am being true....I can't be anything else. I also know that I am connected to many other artists who are creating 'outside the box' and this gives me a sense of belonging. The rose above was my paint palette......I created unconsciously. To me it represents the unknown beauty within.
I will continue to remember that Saturday my art was 'global' ...... I have my arms and heart open to the world, and I am accepting me for me.

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