Friday, September 8, 2006

Giving and Receiving...

The Venetian Wardrobe

I have just finished a specialized Art program with the Preps and Preschoolers at a local school. The themes we explored were line, shape and colour. And I had so much fun!!! My last session with the group was today and after talking about the primary colours , mixing to make new colours, and a cellophane and light show, the children made coloured snowflakes and put cellophane behind their creations. I loved assisting the children who were challenged by the cutting out of the snowflakes... and once they saw they could do it, great creations happened. To see the pure delight on their faces when the snowflake was opened, gave me so much joy! And inspired me to include a few snowflakes in my own artwork.

Below is another artwork I created this week for a wedding present. All the paper elements came from the couples invitation. And again a pure joy to create! That is the great thing about art....there is so much giving of self, of talents, skills, ideas but the rewards are magnificent!

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Pam Aries said...

Nic...these look so beautiful! wish I could view them in person!
I know you had fun teaching the kids! Ahhhh..... snowflakes!! Sounds lovely. It is still pretty darn warm and humid here!