Saturday, September 9, 2006


Another artshow for the Crea8 girls! Our second show for this year.

Last week the local paper did a story on the four of the "Diva" section! A two page spread that shared how we came together... (it was 2 years ago and I knew the girls individually and felt we would be great together! We met for coffee and Crea8 grew from there) And how we have common goals when it comes to what we want to achieve with our art...

And so we are exhibiting at Anna's Studio/Gallery for the week of Carnival of Flowers, which is a large local event. Lots of new artwork and other exciting art goodies ( handbags, jewellery, cards, bookmarks, affirmation cards, t-shirts) are being produced and being 'unveiled' at the opening. Come along and enjoy an abundant amount of wonderful artworks and good company.. It opens on the Sunday17th September and runs until Sunday 24th September. to see you there!

Kym, Jackie, Anna and Myself

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Anonymous said...

Dear Nic
You are my inspiration and I am working within my own hearts desires through seeing your creations. Thankyou from my heart to your heart, Love Jude