Thursday, September 7, 2006

Happy Birthday to ya!!

Two of my very dear girl friends celebrated their birthdays this week, a day apart. What fun I've had celebrating with them!!! It started with a surprise for Jude outside her home....we were in our PJ's at 7:30pm in the dark, in hand with party hats, loud party horns, movie,Champaign, strawberries and chocolate! What more do you need? A very unexpected surprise for our dear Jude....The night ended around 12:30am, what a fun loving time was had by all. Thank you Jude!

To then wake up and head off,(after school drop off) to a manicure and pedicure with 3 great friends, who I only saw a number of hours ago. Happy Birthday Wendy.I was Blessed and in Bliss!!

I believe it is so important to celebrate your birthday, doing some thing that you love to do as it welcomes in the year ahead! I know Jude and Wendy will be blessed with a fantastic year...can't wait till next year...and what would I love to do for my birthday in October? Um
Kathy and I transfomed Buddah, with paint and new energy.And Jude Loved her present.

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Lisa said...

Who wouldn't??? It's wonderful. Sounds like great fun.