Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art Journal Stack

journal stack
Journal stack~ Kind Collective

So what do you do with all those filled journals? Mine are stacked on my bookshelf once I feel they are full. And sometimes that's not about coming to the end of the journal pages. It may just be time to move on to the next. Another chapter ready to start.

I love the concept of repurposing. Everything has a purpose, I believe many purposes if you look deep enough. My art journals are no exceptions... from creative discoveries, trying new design ideas, emotional outpourings and inspired uplifting. Yep its all there between those lusious covers and crumpled, painterly edges. From time to time I'll flip through my old journals, see how far I've travelled + achieved, both creatively and personally.

journal purpose

or I'll just set a page up on a little easel to encourage some positive flow.

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Anonymous said...

I have just recently started making art journals. I stack mine, with the prettiest one on an easel next to the stack. :)

Your journal work is lovely.